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Dekoi Krystal Snapper Skirts, Pink N Purple

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Dekoi Krystal Snapper Skirts, Pink N Purple
Change the colour and style of any skirted lure in seconds, without time consuming lure changes or re-rigging.

Dekoi Krystal Snapper Skirts are formed on a solid rubber collar that maintains the skirts shape, allowing for super quick attachment, and providing an unparalleled level of colour flexibility. The collar design enables the silicon and mylar Krystal Flash strands of these skirts to flare, creating an umbrella effect, and giving the lure a livelier appearance, and bouncier wriggling action, that attracts more fish.

  • To use with rigid jig heads – Just grasp the skirt by the flexible silicone collar, thread it onto the hook/head through the centre hole in the collar and push it up snug over the jig heads retainer hub. To remove and replace with a different skirt, just grasp the skirt collar and pull it off.
  • To use with weedless (Texas) rigs – Simply lace the skirt into position along the leader between the bullet sinker and the hook.
  • If Vertical Jigging – the skirt can be placed in any position that suits – in front or behind the preferred sinker, above a swivel where they can slip along the line as required, or tied onto your hook of choice.. They can also be added to Assist Hook Rigs and Kubara style sliding jig heads.

33 strand skirt, 60mm long (may vary slightly). Silicon Strands 0.7mm thick. Extra mylar Krystal Flash.






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